Who Am I?

My first (and probably only) selfie ever.

Hello readers! I’m Kartik… unless you hadn’t figured out already. I’m a prospective freshman at a tech school in the United States. I’ve lived my entire life in one city in India but I cannot wait to experience something different. You might see a few posts on this blog where I narrate my experience as an international student going to the US for the first time. However, it will still remain the place where I post my take on current events, science, technology, social observations and the like.

So if you want to get updated on when I post (which I do randomly) you can follow by just entering your email addresses on the right hand side of this page (it’s FREE, by the way).

I would love to hear from you about whatever you might have to say about my writing or about what I write. Go ahead and click this link to contact me anytime: kartiktv97@gmail.com.


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