Will I regret this later?

It has been a little more than a year and I’ve published… ahem, 8 posts one of which is basically just a link to a lame excuse of a YouTube video that I put together. I could present a multitude of excuses. But I’m not going to do that in this post. Instead, I’m going to write a blog post about writing blog posts (should I call it a meta-post?). How fun.

Regret. We’ve all felt it at some point. We have also shamelessly tried to make people whom we despise with a passion feel it. But how does regret relate to the blog posts that I write? Here are a few questions that pop up in my head and absolutely torment it to no end before I click “Publish” on a draft:

  • Will I suddenly rediscover my blog and feel really, really embarrassed?
  • Will I hang my head in shame while my friends guffaw at the ignorance I translated into thousands of words on a WordPress blog?
  • Will I regret writing about things I don’t have a degree in?
  • Will I regret starting this blog… ever?

That probably explains why I have 7 drafts sitting in my “Saved Drafts” section waiting for their turn to get published… not happening. The poor little fellows probably don’t know that they are destined to exist in purgatory for the rest of their worthless lives. That’s what they get for trying to shame Future Me.

Yes, I do know how to make memes.
I really don’t want to feel like this kid.

One thing I do know is this, I won’t regret this blog post in the future. I’m pretty sure that Future Me will feel unbridled pride because Present Me predicted that Future Me would feel regret. I’m also certain that I won’t be running for President in this lifetime so it doesn’t matter that much. Before I say anything that might make this post embarrassing as well (or have I done that already?), I’m going to end here. Thank you for letting me waste your time, you can go back to the weird YouTube video you were watching.


3 thoughts on “Will I regret this later?

  1. You definately have something to say. It might not be perfect now…I used to get stuck coz I was holding out 4 post perfection…. then I bumped into a blog post that changed everything.

    It said: the only way to become brilliant at writing is to keep on writing.

    But its not enough to just write: post those babies out there! Something about reading a published post that takes your writing to the next level.

    Looking forward to seeing more #Blogging101


  2. Hi, jut believe in yourself and do not be pedantic about something. Nobody’s perfect so it is alright. You can always re-read your drafts before hitting the send button. Somebody told me that the more you write the more you will get better and better. 🙂
    Ask yourself… what is your main theme for your blog? Keep going! 😉

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