Koh Tao video

If you read the update on my recent blog post, you might know that I mentioned making a video of my trip to Koh Tao. It’s more like a montage of the packed-with-excitement week in May. Koh Tao is really a tropical paradise and I am seriously considering returning this summer to become a Divemaster.

It took me almost an entire day to consolidate and prioritize all the video clips in my GoPro, most of which were shaky and unusable. I used Final Cut Pro to edit the video. This was pretty difficult for a complete beginner like me. But I did manage to find the best video clips among the lot (which still weren’t so good) and come up with a video at the end. This being my first attempt, I do not expect it to be appreciated by many but, hey, it was fun making it! Now that I have a faint idea of how the videos turn out to be, I will probably learn to handle the GoPro better in the future. The music is pretty different from what I usually like but seemed to fit in with the general idea of the video.

Leave your suggestions, criticisms, or appreciation (really?) in the comments below. Also, if you plan to become a Divemaster this summer, please let me know. It would be great to have company while diving.

Psst… Wait for the end. There’s a big ray with stingers on its tail!


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