The Mechanics of Creative Writing

What is writer's block? An inability to find something to write about? Or is it really a proverbial wall that your creative faculties hit occasionally? I can confidently say that it's definitely something that has happened to me more than once. That feeling when you know you want to keep going, but you're telling yourself … Continue reading The Mechanics of Creative Writing


(Update) Almost done with a semester

To sum it all up, I'd have to say that my first semester at WPI has been a unique experience. I have never had the same unbridled freedom nor the same number of responsibilities to handle before. Making new friends, engineering healthy relationships, getting out of my comfort zone, have all had to happen in … Continue reading (Update) Almost done with a semester


Of the many things that humanity has picked up over the years, the ability to recognize simplicity as something positive is an interesting and rather intriguing phenomenon. This has even gone to such an extent that brevity and simplicity have an almost aesthetic appeal. We just have to look to the world’s most successful technology … Continue reading Simplicity